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We all love to keep little "treasures" from our baby's early years. The trouble is finding a way to showcase all of these precious memories. We hide them away in an album or box or they get stuffed in a drawer and lost in the hustle and bustle of life.


Now you can display your acquired treasures and written notes proudly in your home with our unique Baby Keepsake Jar. A great way to capture those early memories. 


Our jars are a great idea for looking back in years to come. Use it as a time capsule and give it to them when the turn 21.

It's up to you how you use it. The possibilities are endless!



The Fido Jar has been carefully selected. It is an Italian styled storage jar with a large opening for easy access. The lid clamps down, with a vulcanised rubber gasket, for an airtight seal. This helps to protect your stored treasures and notes.



1 x Baby Keepsake Jar with Chalkboard style gift tag

A great gift for a Baby Shower or as a newborn present

Height: 219mm

Diameter: 125mm



Suggested Items to add:

  •     First booties,
  •     Hair clips,
  •     First hat,
  •     Hospital bracelets,
  •     First lock of hair
  •     Baby bracelets or necklaces 
  •     Belly button clip 

 Record moments in time and pop them into the jar:

  •     First smile
  •     First laugh
  •     First time they peed on dad
  •     Hopes & dreams for baby
  •     Funny things baby has done
  •     Mum's or dads fears and joys
  •     Thoughts and feelings of parents at milestones


The possibilities are endless.

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