Special Offers

1. Sharesies - A special offer to followers of Birth Power

Have you thought about kickstarting your kid's financial journey through investing? Starting now means that they will tend to see better returns in the long run, setting them up for financial success in their adult years. It's also not too late for you to start as well!

While Kiwisaver is one of the popular options for starting Kids on the road to financial freedom there are other options out there.

We have set our kids up with Sharesies. As parents, it's a way to help our kids learn more about money, feel financially empowered, and start putting money aside for their life ahead giving them control over their investments once they reach a certain age. And the best part is they don't need to wait until they are 65 to enjoy those benefits!

Sharesies makes investing for young and old super easy. Just decide how much you want to invest —there’s no minimum. You can spend as little as 1c to...well, whatever you can afford. Just decide on a fund or a company to invest in and buy some shares. Easy as!


Get $5 in your Sharesies wallet!

2. EcoWarehouse - Your one-stop shop

We love Eco Warehouse. They are your one-stop-online-shop for all sustainable and environment-friendly products. Anything that reduces the impact on the environment has to be good. Be sure to check them out